who I are

My name is Peter Ball and I write poetry, prose, lyrics and music. I like performing my poetry to an audience, and sometimes, as you can see on other pages on this site, in the open air to the trees, birds and bees.

Creative writing is not only fun and informative, but also therapeutic. Words are a powerful medium, explaining or excusing our lives. With them, we can communicate, heal and empower ourselves. If my writing inspires others I would, of course, be well chuffed.

On these pages you can find recordings of a series of radio shows I made with MK Radio, featuring interviews with a variety of writers from new novelists to ex-librarian poets. There are also videos of me reciting some of my poems and last but not least, ‘The Curious Chronicles of the Lost Heart,’ a series of vignettes from my life describing how I ended up in my current situation.

A new project is the ‘Reading Room.’ this is a log cabin at the bottom of a friends garden where reading, writing and music will take place in the form of courses, some informal, some professional, where the intent is to help people with their own writing. To encourage new and experienced writers to have confidence in the construction and performance of their work and to help them explore new avenues and possibilities. The cabin and its surroundings are themselves an inspiration. More details to follow, watch this space!